Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust cares for important historic buildings and artefacts, including Charlton House, Tudor Barn, a number of memorials and the Royal Borough's Museum & Archive collections. The Trust has some exciting project plans, including the development of a brand new museum and archive and a masterplan to develop its beautiful Jacobean property, Charlton House. 

Our aim is to ensure that, at the same time as looking after this rich heritage, we bring it to life for the people of Greenwich through fun activities, tours, walks, festivals and more. As we enter a new development phase planning our programme for the next five years, we invite you to contribute your ideas, get involved and have your say, by completing this short survey.

All responses are anonymous. If you wish to contact someone to discuss the questionnaire, please email Alix Slater, who is coordinating this consultation for us, at

Please complete the survey by Sunday 1 July.

Thank you,
Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust

* 1. Please tell us which of our sites you have visited in the past five years. Tick all that apply:

* 2. If you make repeat visits to any of our sites, what makes you want to go back?

* 3. Through our historic buildings and collections, the Trust offers exhibitions, events and activities telling a range of Greenwich stories. Please tell us below if you are interested in any of the following themes:

  Very interested Interested Not interested
Stories about Greenwich's built heritage, whether historic building or monument
Jacobean architecture and Charlton House through the ages
History of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich
Archaeology and archaeological finds from the Royal Borough of Greenwich
Archaeology and archaeological finds from around the world
Wildlife and natural history
Fossils and geology
Paintings, prints and drawings of people and places from the Royal Borough and beyond
Photography and postcards of the Royal Borough of Greenwich
Posters and pamphlets from the Royal Borough, from 19th century notices to 20th century theatre programmes
Industrial history and objects relating to it
One hundred years of newspapers
Electoral registers
Maps of the Royal Borough of Greenwich
Family history
Local history

* 4. Please tell us how interested you are in the following events and activities:

  Very interested Interested Not interested
Themed exhibitions – about people, places, significant stories and/or collections from the Royal Borough of Greenwich
Adult events – late opening, pop-up cocktails, film screening or performance
Adult events – history themed talks
Adult events – history themed walks
Adult events – arts and crafts
Family activities – weekends
Family activities – school holidays
Musical performances
Festivals and special events – e.g. Horn Fair and Tall Ships
Community projects – inspired by our buildings and collections

* 5. Do you use any of the following when planning a day or evening out? Please tick all that apply:

* 6. How interested would you be in the following volunteer opportunities at a new Museum and Archive or Charlton House?

  Very interested Interested Not interested
Volunteering behind the scenes with the Museum and Archive collections
Volunteering at festivals and special events at one of our sites, e.g. Horn Fair at Charlton House
Volunteering at festivals across the borough, e.g. Woolwich Carnival or Plumstead Make Merry
Volunteering at learning and participation events
Volunteering in gardening projects at Charlton House
Volunteering in conservation cleaning and housekeeping at Charlton House