Welcome to this survey, a collaboration between the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (working with its Cultural Sector Network and RAISE programmes) and The University of Sheffield. Our aim is to help arts and cultural fundraisers and organisations by gathering information about the impact of Covid-19 so that we can inform government policy and future support for fundraisers.

If you have the information to hand, the survey should take about 25 mins to complete. However, if there are any questions which you are unable to answer or are not relevant to you, then please just move to the next question - we want to hear from as many people as possible!

If you are a consultant, or work for a number of organisations, please either fill this in for the main organisation you work for, or skip any questions that aren't relevant. 

The survey will be open until 14 August. Thank you for your time in providing your thoughts and answers - every response will be really helpful in aiding us to ascertain the impact on the arts and culture sector. 

Before starting the survey the next page will show you the data protection statement from University of Sheffield and the questions start on the following pages - click 'next' to continue. 

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