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The requesting organisation would like to understand how RES member organisations approach Financial Education & Wellbeing for their international assignees.

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1. How do you manage questions from international assignees relating to personal finance issues such as share options, company benefits, tax, pension  etc relating to their assignment and their new host location?

  Share Options/Equity Compensation  Company benefits Pension Tax Other (please specify)
We advise international assignees to seek advice from an independent adviser but we DO NOT provide any guidance or contacts
We advise international assignees to seek advice from an independent adviser and we DO provide contact names/ contacts (please specify)
We provide professional, external guidance relating to personal finance as part of the standard tax briefing/ support offered to all international assignees
We advise international assignees that they can engage directly with the organisation providing the standard tax briefing/ support offered to all employees AT THEIR OWN COST
We do not provide any advice to international assignees
Unsure- we have not been asked for this support in the past
Other (please specify)

2. If you do provide guidance/ contacts or support to employees about personal finance issues, when do you generally advise that employees seek guidance from external advisers? (Tick all that apply)

3. Is any form of Financial Education/ Wellbeing offered to your general employee population (regardless of whether or not they are going on assignment)?

4. Within your organisation, is Financial Education/Wellbeing the responsibility of...

  General Employee Population International Assignee Population
General HR
Global Mobility
Other (please specify)

5. Please provide any other information that you feel may be relevant.

7. Where is your organisation's headquarters located?

8. Please answer the follow questions.
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