1. Understanding the skills and training needs of researchers using UK computational research resources

We would like to know more about the community of UK-based researchers who use high performance computing or data analytics (HPC) as part of their work.

We are using HPC throughout this survey. This term is meant to refer to all types of large-scale computing, from traditional HPC for simulations and modelling to high throughput and data-intensive science applications. If your work is supported by a non-desktop system then this survey applies to you!

We will use the data to understand the range of skills across the UK HPC community, and the training needed to fill those skills gaps. The data we collect will remain anonymous. The resulting report and recommendations, with aggregate data only, will be made public.

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete and we welcome your participation.

* 1. Please list all qualifications you have (PhD, Masters, BSc etc), the subject area and in which year the degree was awarded

* 4. When did you first have any training or experience in programming?

* 5. When did you first have any training or experience in using an HPC system (or any remote system)?

* 6. How important do you feel is the ability to write computer code in your science area?

* 7. Are you confident in your ability to write computer code?

* 8. If yes, what programming language do you use the most?

* 9. If yes, please tell us how much you enjoy writing code?

Not at all
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 10. If no, why do you not write computer code?

* 11. If no, do you feel that the lack of coding skills will hamper your progress in your science area?

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