I am seeking your cooperation in agreeing to complete a short survey (5-10 minutes) about East Kilbride Sports Club.

East Kilbride Sports Club (EKSC) is a community based Sports Club in Calderglen Country Park. 

We pride ourselves on being a family based club for all ages and abilities in the sports of rugby, cricket, harriers (cross country and road racing), tennis and golf. 

Our over-arching aim is to promote life skills and values, and pride in East Kilbride, through the unique culture of sport while having fun and making friendships.

We have 650 members, of whom 260 (41%) are young people aged 5 to 18. We have produced regional and international sportsmen and women in rugby, cricket and running and aspire to produce many, many more in the years ahead.

In our 48th year, we are a not-for-profit organisation, run and managed by volunteers.  Our Clubhouse needs some modernisation and our playing facilities are restricting our ability to absorb growing numbers of new members e.g. an expanding girls’ rugby section and growing numbers of female harriers. 

Our immediate short-term focus is modernisation of our changing rooms.  They need upgrading & reconfiguration to provide multi-purpose flexibility, improved female access, integrated showers, better disabled access & stronger child protection.

We are preparing three applications for grant support to Sportscotland, the Renewable Energy Fund and Virador Environmental Credits to supplement our own fund raising to allow us to modernise the changing rooms

Purpose of the Survey

We are keen to receive the views of the wider East Kilbride community on our activities.  These will be helpful to us in deciding how to take our immediate and longer term plans forward to provide competitive and recreational sport for the wider community and to build even stronger links with that community.

We would be grateful if you could complete this by Monday 5th March. 

Please be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence.
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* 1. Have you heard of East Kilbride Sports Club?

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* 2. Have you ever visited or played or watched sport at East Kilbride Sports Club?
If Yes, please select all reasons that apply to your visit(s) from the choices below:

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* 3. If you answered yes to Q2, please go to Q4.
If you have not heard of or played sport at East Kilbride Sports Club, why is this?  Select all that apply below:

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* 4. Please select all the activities that you believe East Kilbride Sports Club provides:

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* 5. From your knowledge of East Kilbride Sports Club, how well would you say (1) they are engaged with the wider East Kilbride community and (2) And how welcoming would you say the coaches and members are to new-comers/beginners?

  Very well / welcoming & Supportive  Quite well / welcoming & Supportive  Don’t know Poor / Not welcoming & Supportive  Very poor / not welcoming & Supportive 
How well are they engaged with the wider East Kilbride community?
How welcoming are the coaches and members are to new-comers/beginners?

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* 6. What do you think they could do to make their community engagement stronger, and make it easier for more people to play or watch sport or join East Kilbride Sports Club?  Select all that apply below:

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* 7. Through how many (if any) of the following sources have you read or heard about East Kilbride Sports Club’s activities:

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* 8. What would be the best way of sharing information and awareness about the Sports Club’s activities?

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* 9. What would make it easier to get those not involved in sport motivated? Select all that apply.

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* 10. If you would like to find out more about East Kilbride Sports Club, please provide the details of the best way to contact you, whether email, text/phone or letter: