Welcome to the NHS England Quality Accounts List  2021-22 Scoping Survey, conducted by HQIP.

NHS England invites providers of national clinical audit and quality improvement projects to complete this survey by 5pm on Friday 9th October 2020

The survey should only be completed by projects that plan to collect data between 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.  

Projects commissioned by HQIP, as part of the NCAPOP, do not need to complete this survey .

coping survey responses will be used to inform NHS England's decisions regarding the projects chosen for inclusion in the Quality Accounts List 2021-22.

The survey should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete.

If a project has more than one work stream please complete a separate survey for each work stream.

If you do not complete the scoping survey, your project will not be considered for inclusion on the NHS England Quality Accounts List.

It is expected that a national audit measures a large proportion of services in order to make comparisons and be able to benchmark nationally. Participating healthcare providers should receive an output in order to compare results and report on performance against best practice evidence.

Criteria which informs NHS England's considerations for inclusion on the Quality Accounts List 2021-22

1. Coverage: collects data from at least 70% of eligible services nationally
2. Whether data is collected on individual patients
3. Comparisons of providers ie. trusts, hospitals, networks
4. Plan to recruit patients during the following financial year
5. Public reporting: comparing providers’ performance published within 12 months of completion of the most recent clinical event (excluding events outside of the project's control)
6. Outcomes and processes of care being audited must be based on rigorous evidence (including NICE Quality Standards and Guidelines)

There is a free-text box available at the end of the survey if specific responses need clarification.

Further information covering the legislation surrounding Quality Accounts, the legal position of the Quality Accounts List, and the requirements on healthcare providers, is published on the HQIP website.

For further information, please email HQIP.

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