Your future, your place – Aldershot and Farnborough, 2030

Imagine the future you’d like to see

How do you see our area in 2030? 

What really matters to you about the place you live and work, for your friends and family, for your business?

We’d like to hear what’s important to you so you can help shape the future of Aldershot and Farnborough.

Your views

We’ve identified major themes that we think are important for our place and really matter to our residents and businesses:
  • Vibrant and distinctive town centres
  • Housing for every stage of life
  • Connected communities, proud of our area
  • Healthy and active residents
  • A growing local economy - kind to the environment
  • Opportunities for everyone - quality education and a skilled local workforce 

These themes have come from consultation with residents and by listening to our businesses, our communities and our partners. They will help shape the work we do over the coming years.

So we’d really like to know what you think. Are these things important for you? Have we missed something? Would you like to see something different?

Please give us your views by taking part in our consultation. 

The closing date is Sunday 31 March.
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