Kindly take time to complete the survey..

* 1. *Optional Should you wish to be entered into the prize draw, please state your first and last name along with your email (winners announced on the 18th of Aug 2017).

* 2. What was your favourite part of the YLfSC programme?

* 3. We are trying to understand how the YLFSC programme helped to divert and prevent you from participating in activities which could get you into trouble or taking a wrong turn. Kindly rank in the order you felt our course mostly impacted on you. 1 being the highest - 5 lowest ranking.

* 4. Kindly try your best to rank your favorite external topic in the YLFSC taught sessions?(if you can remember)

* 5. How much have you improved in the following areas since taking part in the programme?

  0% - 25% 25% - 50% 50% - 75% 75% - 100%
Independently minded.
Attitude towards learning.
Trust and confidence in the police.

* 6. Since taking part in the programme if you were a witness to a crime, are you now more likely to report it?

  Very Unlikely Unlikely Maybe Likely Definitely

* 7. Since taking part in the programme, how would you rate your level of personal responsibility in the following areas?

  Very Low Low Moderate High Very High
Local Community

* 8. Did you recommend this programme to your friends and family?

* 9. How did you use the Qualification or experience with the YLfSC programme?

* 10. Additional feedback (optional)

* 11. Would you be interested in volunteering with Voyage?

* 12. * OPTIONAL - Are you interested in submitting a case study up to 200 words - documenting where you are now and how Voyage enabled this?