Warfarin patient survey

We support care teams to manage anticoagulation therapy safely and effectively. Our products are used by healthcare professionals in over 2,700 anticoagulation clinics across the UK. engage, our easy-to-use patient facing app, helps individuals to learn more about anticoagulation therapy and feel more in control of their health, whilst staying connected to their care team. We’re developing a new supported self-care programme for individuals on warfarin and would love your help. We’ve prepared a short survey to get your thoughts on how you receive your tablet schedule and what alternatives you might prefer.

The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete and you can take part in the optional prize draw to win a £50 M&S Gift Card at the end of the survey.

1. What's your age group?

2. What's the name of your usual anticoagulation service or clinic?

3. When you have an INR test, how does the clinician normally take your blood?

4. After an INR test, how do you normally receive your new tablet schedule?

5. Do you normally receive your new tablet schedule in the post?

6. After your INR test, how quickly do you normally receive your new tablet schedule?

7. How often do you normally have an INR test?

8. If you don't get your new tablet schedule on the same day as your INR test, how do you decide what tablets to take?

9. If you have a query about your new tablet schedule, how quickly is this normally resolved?

10. How easy is it to understand your tablet schedule?

11. What problems do you have taking your warfarin tablets? (select as many as you'd like)

12. What happens when you don't take your yellow book to your appointment?

13. Would you be interested in having any of the following free services on your smartphone, tablet or computer? (select as many as you like)

14. If you're not interested in any of the above services, please can let us know why? (select as many as you like)

15. If you don't currently have a smartphone, tablet or computer, would you consider getting access to one in order to get the above services?

16. Do you consent to be contacted by us to be involved in a trial for the new services described in question 13?

17. Prize Draw
Would you like to be entered into our free prize draw to win a £50 M&S Gift Card? Entry to the prize draw is subject to our terms and conditions which can be found here. Winners will be notified by email or phone after the closing date of 22nd June 2018.

18. If you want to take part in trialling our new product or wish to enter the prize draw, please enter your details below.

That's it! Thank you for taking part in the survey – we really appreciate your input. Please click 'Done' to submit your answers.