The Moray Registration Service is carrying out a survey to find out what customers think of the services that we provide. We are committed to providing the best possible services to our customers and would welcome feedback from you about your recent contact with the service. The survey will help inform service improvements and the way that the service is delivered in the future and identify areas for further development.

Service Functions
Moray Registration Service is responsible for the registration of births, marriages and deaths in Moray. The Service conducts civil marriage ceremonies, including civil partnerships.  The Service also conducts citizenship ceremonies and is responsible for the administration of burials grounds, and undertakes ancestry research.

Customer Survey
With reference to the functions above, please complete the following questions by filling in the appropriate section. We welcome your feedback and value any comments, suggestions or examples that you can provide in the comments areas provided. Your views will help shape the development of the service.

If you are 'Dissatisfied' or 'Very Dissatisfied' in response to any of the questions, please leave a comment explaining why you feel so and make any suggestions that you feel could improve the service we provide.

* 1. What was your reason for contacting/visiting the Registration Service?

* 2. Was your enquiry dealt with effectively?

* 3. Were your needs met within a reasonable time?

* 4. Was the member of staff approachable and courteous?

* 5. How satisfied were you with the overall service provided to you by the Registration Service?

* 6. Please indicate which type of customer to the Registration Service you are?

* 7. How did you first contact the Service?

* 8. Were our contact details easily accessible?

100% of survey complete.