Consultation on 20mph Speed Limit in Kennington

Oxfordshire County Council is considering making 20mph the new 30mph for Oxfordshire communities. The proposal is aimed to:

·       Make streets safer

·       Encourage residents to walk or cycle

·       Reduce noise and pollution

Kennington Parish Council has the opportunity to apply for Kennington to have a 20mph speed limit and is undertaking a public consultation to ascertain residents’ views on the proposal before making a decision. We would be very grateful for your opinions by completing the following survey.

Question Title

* 1. Do you feel there is a need to reduce speed limits in Kennington?

Question Title

* 2. How concerned would you say you are, if at all, about the following issues in Kennington?

  Very concerned Fairly concerned Not very concerned Not at all concerned Don’t know
Cars or other vehicles driving too fast generally
Cars or other vehicles driving too fast near schools
Cars or other vehicles driving too fast around areas where there are a lot of pedestrians
Cars or other vehicles parked on pavements
Roads not safe for cyclists
Children being involved in an accident
Not enough facilities for cycling
Difficult to cross the road safely
Poor air quality / vehicle emissions
Roads not safe for people with impairments

Question Title

* 3. How safe do you feel when doing the following in Kennington?

  Very safe Somewhat safe Not very safe Not at all safe Don’t know N/A
Walking in Kennington
Cycling on roads in Kennington
Walking/cycling to bus stop or train station
Crossing the road

Question Title

* 4. Do you have school aged children?

Question Title

* 5. Would you and your children walk/cycle/scoot to school more often if the speed limit in Kennington was reduced to 20mph?

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