Welcome to this poll on the theme for Chamboree 2022

The most recent past themes of Chamboree have been...
1998 - Romans, 2002 - The Movies, 2006 - People Through History, 2010 - Knights, 2014 - Super Heroes, 2018 - Pirates

We had lots of ideas for our 2022 theme, which were reviewed and shortlisted by Cheshire Scout's Youth Forum - there are 2 themes for you to vote on.

To help you decide which theme you might prefer, think about the following questions:
- Does it work for the wide range of people we have attending Chamboree: Participants (Scouts and Explorers), visitors (Beavers and Cubs) and adult volunteers?
- Is there a wide enough range of activity themes we could run?
- What might the sub-camps look like?
- Most importantly… What will this mean for my fancy dress?!

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