To accelerate climate action within Manchester and beyond we are inviting organisations to join the Manchester Climate Change Partnership.

The climate crisis won't solve itself. The city needs to come together as one.

The Partnership allows businesses and organisations a unique opportunity to be part of Manchester’s transition to zero carbon. Alongside helping to reduce the costs and climate risks to our city and economy and helping tackle the social injustice of the climate emergency. As a member of Manchester Climate Change Partnership, you can expect to benefit from several opportunities and resources. 

For more information about the Partnership, and its potential benefits please read our Partnership Member Pack. 

Please complete the following form to express your interest in joining the Partnership. 

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MCCP Membership Commitment
As a member of the Manchester Climate Change Partnership we ask that organisations agree to the following statement: 

As an organisation we share the common goal to achieve the ambitious objectives and targets in the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25 and that we will:
  • Take urgent action within the scope of our own activities, and
  • Work collaboratively though the Partnership to help others in the wider Manchester community and economy to take urgent action.

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* 7. As a member of Manchester Climate Change Partnership, our organisation agrees with the above statement.

Additional Information

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* 8. Please briefly summarise your most recent climate actions.

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* 9. Are there any specific areas/topics where you would like support from Manchester Climate Change Partnership?

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* 10. Are there any specific areas/topics where you would like to provide support for other members of the Partnership/showcase best practice?

Voluntary Financial Contribution
Wherever possible we encourage partners to make a voluntary contribution to support and grow Partnership activity. 
We ask that partners, who are able, to make an annual contibution based on their organisational turnover. 

Indicative figures for private sector organisations are as follows:

Annual Turnover  Voluntary Contribution 
£100m +  £20k
£50m - £99m  £10k
£10m - £49m   £5k 
£5m - £9m  £3k
£5m or less  £2k

This is not a requirement to be a member.
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