Lancaster Giants Registration Form

Why you need to complete this form
We need to know these details in order to meet the specific needs of your child.

Who sees this information?

All the information on this form will be disclosed to your child’s team coaches/managers.
Your child’s name, age and date of birth will be shared with the player registration section of the league your team plays.

You have to have parental responsibility for the child.

You need to inform us if there are any changes to the details below.

You are giving permission for medical treatment to be administered by a first aider or a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

* 1. Your details

* 2. Please provide your child's Full name

* 3. Please tell us your manager(if you have one)

* 4. Please provide any emergency telephone numbers

* 5. Details of any known allergies, existing medical conditions and any medication being taken

* 6. Any other special needs or requirements that would be helpful for the coaches to know about

* 8. By reentering your name you confirm that the above is accurate to the best of your knowledge and you give parental consent for your child to participate in and travel to all activities with the club.