Knowledge Inquiry: Children who come into the care system under a section 20 voluntary arrangement

You are invited to complete this questionnaire if you are a solicitor, barrister or other legal professional with experience of cases involving the exercise of powers and duties under section 20 Children Act 1989.  Throughout this questionnaire we use the term 'section 20 voluntary arrangement(s)' to describe those provisions or else refer directly to section 20 Children Act 1989.
Please read the briefing note about the Knowledge Inquiry before filling in this questionnaire.
You may find that some of the questions in this questionnaire are not relevant to you. Please therefore draw on your experience and professional insights to answer those questions that you feel are of relevance.
NOTE: If you are a young person, parent, other family member, foster carer or social care practitioner please do not complete this questionnaire. Please instead, go to the Knowledge Inquiry webpage where you will find a tailored questionnaire that you can complete to contribute to this Knowledge Inquiry.