Best Infrastructure Provider Award

For the provider that delivers infrastructure solutions.

Judging process

Entrants must submit a written entry form detailing how they meet the criteria set out below. The judges will assess each written entry form to determine the shortlist and then meet to determine the winning entry.

Judging criteria:

·        Current size of footprint (number of premises)

·        Growth in coverage in the past year

·        Predicted size of footprint

·        Delivery challenges, eg topography

·        Innovation

·        Support for re-sellers, eg portal

·        Pricing transparency

·        Technology used

·        Number of wholesale partners

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the following:

Question Title

* 2. Why should you win this award? (30 words)

Question Title

* 3. Case study of why you should win this award based on the above criteria, stating your footprint and what challenges you had to overcome (500 words)