Thank you for taking the time to look at our survey for the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan. This is your opportunity to influence how Ruddington is enhanced and protected through the built development that will take place in the village. It should only take about 20 minutes to complete, but if you'd prefer to fill in a paper questionnaire, they are available from St Peter's Rooms, Perkins Hardware, the Ruddington Medical Centre, the Co-op and the library.
Please answer the questions as an individual (i.e., yourself, or the person you are helping). At the very end, there will be an opportunity for someone else to complete the survey from the same device. Please encourage your family, friends, colleagues and all members of your household, including children, to complete the survey.
First, we'd like to ask you how important you feel the broad issues facing Ruddington are.

1. How important is housing and development for Ruddington?
For example, the types of homes, street design, and so on.

2. How important are transport and highways for Ruddington?
For example, roads, paths, speed limits, and so on.

3. How important are business and enterprise for Ruddington?
For example, local employment, office spaces, and so on.

4. How important is the village centre for Ruddington?
For example, its appearance, prosperity, accessibility, and so on.

5. How important are infrastructure and utilities for Ruddington?
For example, flood drainage, broadband, and so on.

6. How important are community services for Ruddington?
For example, schools, doctors, and so on.

7. How important is the environment for Ruddington?
For example, green spaces, footpaths, and so on.

8. How important are heritage and tourism for Ruddington?
For example, historical sites, museums, and so on.

9. How important are leisure and recreation for Ruddington?
For example, playgrounds, arts and culture, and so on.