Do you live in County Durham? Healthwatch County Durham would like to know what you think is important for us to focus on as part of our work plan in 2018/19.  The Healthwatch Board met in November and came up with a number of proposals to be considered for inclusion in the work plan, however  they would like to know what is important to you.  The topics were identified either through individuals contacting us for help through our signpost and information service over the last 12 months or by discussion with the many networks we have in the community.
We would like you to rate each of the 6 topics below, by scoring them 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important to you.  The four items which get the highest scores will be included in our work plan for next year.

* 1. Proposal 1 - Mental Health Support Services
To investigate the experience of patients referred to mental health therapies, either through self-referral or referral from their GP.  To find out if the right services are available, how long patients have to wait to access them and it there are any gaps in
services for patients with anxiety, stress or depression. (1 being most important, 6 being the least)

* 2. Proposal 2 - Appointment systems in GP surgeries
To look at the different ways in which GP surgeries are managing their appointment systems to compare triage systems where a GP will call back patients for a telephone consultation versus a navigator type role where trained appointment staff, talk to
patients and determine a referral pathway.  To find out from patients their experience of these systems identifying good practice and things that could be better. (1 being most important, 6 being the least)

* 3. Proposal 3 - Dementia support
Find out from patients with dementia and their carers if they were referred to support services at the right time for emotional/practical support.  To look at the number of patients referred to support services by GP's across the county to identify good practice which can be shared. (1 being most important, 6 being the least)

* 4. Proposal 4 - Transition support
To talk to young people and carers about their experience of transition from children's to adult services.  To find out how well it is working, whether they are supported through the process and if they believe the right services are available.  To share our findings with Children's and Adults Services in County Durham. (1 being most important, 6 being the least)

* 5. Proposal 5 - Patient transport
To investigate the patient transport options available in County Durham, to find out how easy it is to get useful information for patients and carers.  To work with LOCATE at Durham County Council to advise them of our findings and what we believe can be improved, based on what patients tell us. (1 being most important, 6 being the least)

* 6. Proposal 6 - Dental charges and treatment
To find out from dental patients how easy it is to understand the cost of their dental treatment, including whether they are exempt from charges, and what constitutes a course of treatment.  Healthwatch will use the information gathered to determine whether it can make recommendations to help patients understand the dental charging. (1 being most important, 6 being the

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