Over the last two years Rutland Libraries have been making changes (particularly at Oakham Library) to make the library service more autism-friendly and staff more autism-aware. We are always looking to improve, and Oakham Library would like to establish whether there is a need for an Autism specific opening period or ‘Autism Hour’ once a week.

* 1. 1. Would you or someone you are responsible for use this service if it were offered?

* 2. 1.       If so, what day of the week and/or time would be most useful to you?

* 3. 1.       What would you like to see happening in this session - what would you like us to provide that is different from our normal provision? E.g.:

* 4. 1.       Is there anything else you feel we ought to consider that could be helpful in making the library more ‘autism-friendly’?