This section asks about community - a pretty broad term isn’t it. We know that community can look and feel different for everyone, and we’re interested here in what it means particularly to you.

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* 1. What does the phrase ‘Sense of Community’ mean to you? 

(Feel free to respond to this in a way that suits you! We’re interested in words, images, poetry…as well as feelings, senses and stories – it’s all good stuff)

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* 2. What are the people/places/things in your life from which you experience a ‘Sense of Community’? 

(This could be personal relationships, people/places in your local area, activities you take part in)

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* 3. How do you contribute to these people/places/things? What do you bring to them?  

(eg. Time, money, energy, a sense of humour, your skills/knowledge/interests, presence, thoughtfulness…)

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* 4. Has the Covid-19 pandemic had any impact on the way you think about or experience community? If so, how?

(eg. what role community could play in your life, if it’s importance has increased/decreased, has your definition of community changed?)