Your views are important to us, we would appreciate your time in completing and returning the survey

While your child may not currently have any special educational needs, we are keen to find out the views of all parents/carers – the opinions expressed give us a good idea of how you think we are doing; what we are doing well and what we need to work on.

* 1. Does your child currently have a special educational need?

* 2. Has your child previously had a special educational need?

* 3. Have you accessed the school’s SEND Information Report (available on the school website)?

* 4. Was the report: Easy to find ?

* 5. Clear ?

* 6. Easy to understand ?

* 7. Helpful?

* 8. Is there any information missing which you think should be added?

* 9. Who would you contact in school if you thought your child may have special educational need?

* 10. Many thanks for completing the questionnaire