South Cotswolds Activity Planning

South Cotswold Parent and Carer group is working Allsorts to develop more activities for disabled children and children with additional needs and their families.  This survey will help us to develop a programme of activity to start to roll out in 2018.

* 1. Please tell us your name and contact details

* 2. Are you currently a member of the South Cotswolds Parent and Carer Group?

* 3. Are you currently an Allsorts member?

* 4. Please can you enter the first three characters of your postcode

* 5. How many disabled children or children with additional needs do you have?

* 6. What are their ages?

* 7. What kind of school do they attend?

* 8. What activities do you currently access for your family?

* 9. What are the main barriers for you as a family in accessing everything you would like?

* 10. Would you like to access

* 11. What would you like to access for yourself?

* 12. What would you like to be able to access for your children that you currently can’t?

* 13. What are the best times for your family to access activities?

* 14. What do you want to get out of accessing more activities?

* 15. If you have more than one child, would any non-disabled siblings be interested in accessing a siblings group?

* 16. Is there anything else you would like to mention?