MCS-Aware Survey

* 1. What is the most helpful thing about MCS-Aware?

* 2. Apart from getting MCS recognised as a medical condition, how could
MCS-Aware be more useful to you?

* 3. Do you visit our website, which area is more useful?

* 4. What improvements would you like us to make to the website?

* 5. MCS-Aware offers a free e-newsletter, AND a twice yearly magazine,
AND a support group. These are 3 separate things and need separate membership.  Please tell us which ones you know about.

* 6. If you haven’t joined the support group, can you give your reasons why?

* 7. Do you use our website forum? If not please tell us why or how we could improve it.

* 8. If you would like to be entered into the draw for a FREE year’s
subscription to the magazine or support group please tell us your name and email. We will not pass your details onto anyone else.