Patient Group Directions (PGDs) use by occupational therapists

The following questions are aimed at gathering information about occupational therapists with current or past involvement in patient group directions (PGD). 
The use of a patient group direction (PGD) already allows named, authorised and registered professional (including occupational therapists) to supply and/or administer specific medicines to a pre-defined group of people as detailed in the PGD.
For more information about the role of occupational therapists and PGDs please refer to; 

* 1. Please enter your Band / Grade and clinical area

* 2. Are you currently, or have you in the past been named on a Patient Group Direction (PGD)?

* 3. If you have in the past, are currently, or are planning to be named on a PGD, please give some brief details.  For example; patient population, clinical context, what drugs are administered under PGD and for what condition(s).

* 4. What are the benefits of using a PGD.  For example; improved patient experience, reduction in delays in care, cost effectiveness.

* 5. Are there any limitations of using a PGD?  (For example; resources, patient experience)

* 6. Do you currently have any formal training with regards to medications management?  If so could you please detail what this is.

* 7. We are interested in linking with occupational therapists who have an interest in PGD's and medicines optimisation in general.  If you would like to hear more about this work by RCOT please complete the below fields. 
(Data from this survey will be stored separately and securely from your contact information and be used to inform future RCOT work in this area.  Completion of your contact information is not a mandatory requirement of completing the survey).