Questioning Styles - Introduction To The Survey

Do you ask effective questions? Are your questions taken seriously? Do you always get the information that you need or do you hesitate to raise your hand? The answers to these questions depend on your use of questioning styles and whether you are getting the most out of them. 

We are developing a Questioning Styles Assessment (QSA) that will provide a unique insight into your questioning style. We are looking for volunteers to pilot the assessment by taking part in this survey.
The survey involves scoring a series of statements according to how well they describe you and your approach to questioning. The survey takes on average 15-20 minutes. At the end, you'll see all nine questioning styles and can tell us which ones you think best describe you. 
As this is a pilot, you will not see your individual assessment score. However, as a thank you, you will be given free access to a customized QSA package, when the QSA launches early next year, including your assessment score and tools to help you build your questioning strengths and adapt your questions to any situation.
We really appreciate your help and hope you enjoy the survey!
Thank you.
Lani & Ian
About Us
Dr Lani Watson is a philosopher, currently based at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Oxford. Lani has 10 years’ research expertise in the philosophy and psychology of good questioning.

Ian Robson is the founder of Success Methods, a customer success consultancy. Ian has 30 years’ customer facing experience and consulting expertise at the senior executive level.

Both Lani and Ian are passionate about helping others to become great questioners. The QSA will help to achieve this for individuals, organisations and communities.
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