Join us on virtual interactive learning sessions taking place during the National Dying Matters and Dementia Action weeks 10th -14th May and the 17th-23rd of May 2021.  A key theme of the sessions will be “What Matters to you”

The sessions will be delivered by expert leads, members of our Executive team and representatives from NHS England and Improvement. 
Please select the sessions you wish to participate in, you will then receive an invite to the Microsoft Teams sessions.

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* 1. 10th May 2021 Time 12.30pm-1pm

Welcome to “What matters to you” learning events.

This introductory session will inform staff of the learning opportunities available throughout the National Dying Matters Awareness week and the Dementia Action week. Staff will be invited to consider making a pledge linked to the theme of delivering what matters to you. 

Gemma del Toro
Clinical Lead Nurse Specialist
Dementia Palliative Care Resource
Specialist Lead Trainer – End of life and Dementia

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* 2. 10th May 2021 Time 2pm-3pm

‘Why is Learning from Deaths important?’

This short presentation will be looking at the importance of Learning from Deaths for DCHS, It will also cover the recent quality improvements that have been introduced to improve patient safety and support clinicians within our Trust.

Hannah Thompson
Mortality Review Facilitator

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* 3. 11th May 2021 Time 2pm-3pm 

An introduction to the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and how it supports improving end of life care.

The content will cover the following:
· An overview of the changes in patient safety in response to the NHS Patient Safety Strategy 2021.
· Patient Safety Incident Response Framework and what that means to you.
· How the DCHS Patient Safety Incident Response Plan is improving EoL care.

Sharon Hill
Patient Safety Specialist

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* 4. 12th May 2021 Time 10am -11am

“What matters to you - learning from the experiences of the last year”
This session will mark and celebrate International Nurses Day and the 201st Birthday of Florence Nightingale. There will also be discussion and reflection on the experiences of the last year  Participants will be invited to join in on a Mentimeter exercise to share “What matters to them” as a professional.   

Michelle Bateman
Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality

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* 5. 12th May 2021 Time 11.30am - 12.30pm

“Personalised care- ‘what matters to you’

This session will look at personalised care in relation to national policy and will incorporate  examples of learning from the pandemic

Aimee Robson
Deputy Director, Personalised Care (Clinical, Workforce & Quality)
Personalised Care Group
NHS England/NHS Improvement

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* 6. 13th May 2021 Time 2pm -3pm

“How to LISTEN to conversations to develop advance care plans”

LISTEN is a tool that can help to unpick and guide your conversations to develop person centred advance care plans.’

Alison Hembrow
Wellbeing, Support and Information Manager
Treetops Hospice Care
Sharan Watson
Senior Lecturer and Chair of Derbyshire Alliance for end of life care

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* 7. 17th May 2021 Time 11.30am -12 00pm

“ Introducing Dementia Action Week “

An interactive session led by Dr Ben Pearson who will discuss his role and will ask you to consider ” what matters in relation to dementia or to a person caring for someone with dementia.

Dr Ben Pearson
Executive Medical Director

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* 8. 17th May 2021 Time 12.30pm -1 30pm

 “Current issues in Dementia”  

Professor Alistair Burns in his lead role as National and Clinical Director will share his view from a personal and professional perspective.

Professor Alistair Burns
National Clinical Director for Dementia and Older peoples Mental Health NHS England and NHS Improvement

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* 9. 18th May 2021 Time 11am -12pm

“What Matters to Sue”

The sharing of a patient story and an example of best practice in the delivery of person centred dementia care.

David, Partner of Sue
Lisa Brentnall, Senior Dementia Palliative Care Nurse

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* 10. 18th May 2021 Time 1pm - 2pm

“Sharing what matters to me”

A discussion around how and when to support an advance care planning conversation with a person living with dementia.

Sophie Dodsworth, Dementia Palliative Care Nurse, End of Life Champion

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* 11. 19th May 2021 Time 11am – 12pm

"Introducing Specialist Day Services"

This session will provide an overview of the service and the programmes -Living Well with Dementia and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy that the service provides.

Julie Chaplin
Acting Specialist Day Services Manager (OPMH)
Lead Occupational Therapist (OPMH)
Sarah Round Lead nurse

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* 12. 19th May 2021 Time 1pm -2pm

"Identity and Dementia" 

This session considers the formation of identity which occurs as a result of multiple influences (cultural, social, professional, family and disability) and to what extent a person with dementia can maintain their sense of self following diagnosis. It will also discuss the role of “others” in supporting people with dementia to maintain their identity.

Maggie Parry-Hughes RGN RMN MA Dementia Studies
Admiral Nurse Professional & Practice Development Facilitator (North West UK)

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* 13. 20th May 2021 Time 11am – 12pm

“Dying with dementia”

Recognising palliative care needs and end of life for a person living and dying with dementia.

Gemma del Toro, Clinical Lead Nurse Specialist (Service Manager), Dementia Palliative Care Team
Lisa Brentnall, Senior Dementia Palliative Care Nurse, Dementia Palliative Care Team'

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* 14. 20th May 2021 Time 1pm - 2pm


Sundowning has become a recognised term used to describe behavioural disturbances in people with dementia particularly in the late afternoon, evening, or at night which can pose a significant burden and challenge to the person, caregivers, families, and nursing staff. This session will consider the definition and characteristics of Sundowning, possible triggers and management of symptoms.

Maggie Parry-Hughes RGN RMN MA Dementia Studies
Admiral Nurse Professional & Practice Development Facilitator (North West UK)

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* 15. 21st May 2021 Time 11am – 12pm 

“Non-Pharmalogical approaches to Cognitive Stimulation therapy for people living with dementia”

Verity Foster, Occupational therapist/Dementia Trainer

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* 16. 21st May 2021 Time 1pm - 2pm

“Celebrating the Champions role”

An interactive session for our QASC Champions to be updated on new developments in end of life care and dementia. Provide an opportunity to celebrate and share your good practice and make your pledges to “deliver what matters”. 

Karen Kitchen
End of life care Facilitator
Gemma del Toro
Clinical Lead Nurse Specialist
Dementia Palliative Care Resource
Specialist Lead Trainer – End of life and Dementia

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