Support programme for civil society & faith-based social action leaders

We are working to help support the strategic work and development of faith and civil society social action leaders and communities. This includes offering packages of free support designed to build the foundations to the strengthening of your organisational response to the COVID-19 pandemic and onwards, into the recovery period.

In this period of ongoing uncertainty, we understand that many civil society and faith social action leaders will have deep concerns about how to ensure their organisation can continue to weather this storm, and there will be many questions about future income generation and how best to begin to plan for the future. 

Civil Society Consulting is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise – a Community Interest Company. To kick off the process we hold a one-to-one advice and income generation 'surgery', the team will share their insights into emerging funds and opportunities and aim to be a useful sounding board for your income generation strategy thinking,  sustainability and recovery development. In co-producing a five point checklist of further actions with you the team can then provide a further (to be agreed) follow up support at no cost to you. 

The regional teams are led by Mark Ereira (Northern England) and Francesca Godfrey (Southern England & West Midlands). Other team members and advisers include Sadia AkramNatasha Guyer and Simon Pickering

Before speaking with you, and as we are keen to ensure we can best plan for our session, we request that you complete this simple organisational survey and provide us with your views on how you have - and are now - coping organisationally with the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis. It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. 

Really looking forward to working with you to strengthen your organisation's sustainability, resilience and recovery

STEPS TO RECOVERY is financially supported by MHCLG - with additional funds from the National Lottery's Community Fund.

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