Cheshire East Ofsted CQC Inspection Outcome

Tell us your views on the Inspection so parent representatives can make sure they're heard. 
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* 1. Are you a parent carer for a child or young person (age 0-25) with additional needs, and do you live and/or access services in Cheshire East?

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* 2. Have you read the outcome letter from Ofsted / CQC?

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* 3. Did you think the Inspectors' findings were fair and accurate?

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* 4. Do you think the inspection missed any points that you would have liked them to pick up?

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* 5. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how the council and NHS should respond to these findings?

Did you know?

Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum has a membership of more than 500 parent carers across Cheshire East, but fewer than 10 active Parent Representatives. 

Parent Representatives from the forum regularly attend meetings with officers, commissioners from the Local Authority and NHS, making sure our families' views are represented and working together to co-produce better services and provision. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill this in - surveys like this give your representatives the information they need to make sure they can actually represent the wider membership (you!) 

If you are interested in getting involved in this work we would love to hear from you - please email or call 07794431768. 

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* 6. This survey is anonymous, so if you would like a response to your comment please contact us at

Thank you for completing this Quick Quiz. Your help is much appreciated and helps to make sure your Forum can effectively represent you.