* 1. How did you find out about the www.safe4autumn.com website?

* 2. What do you think of the www.safe4autumn.com website?

* 3. What is the main thing you learnt from the www.safe4autumn.com website?

* 4. Has anything you've read or seen on the www.safe4autumn.com website made you change your behaviour?

* 5. Did you watch any of the videos on the www.safe4autumn.com website?

* 6. Do you usually attend an organised bonfire event or firework display?

* 7. Where do you normally find out about what's going on in your area?

* 8. Do you use any of the following?

* 9. How regularly do you use the following?

  daily weekly occasionally never
iPad or other tablet computer

* 10. Are you male or female?

* 11. Which age group are you in?

* 12. Which area do you live in?

* 13. Which school or college do you attend?

* 14. Were you aware of the 2016 Treacle Campaign?

* 15. If yes, did you visit the www.safe4autumn.com website?

* 16. Fireworks should not be sold to any person under the age of ...