NAT is responding to the House of Lords Financial Exclusion Committee

The House of Lords Financial Exclusion Committee is asking for evidence to find out if certain groups face particular issues in regard to financial exclusion. We'll be submitting a response and if you are living with HIV we'd like to hear about your experiences and what matters to you in terms of being able to access financial services and products.
The issues we are particularly keen to hear your experiences/views on include:

- Whether you are aware of the financial products that are available to you as someone living with HIV and if it is clear what you can access
- If you have been denied products, found it difficult or have been reluctant to access financial products e.g. insurances
- Whether you have experienced stigma and discrimination when applying for financial products and services
- If you are long-term diagnosed and have experienced difficulties with financial planning.

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* Pleast tell us about your experiences or information you would like to share below.

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NAT is also beginning a new project looking into the access that people living with HIV have to financial services and products and we will be looking to do further exploratory work on these issues. If you would like to be further involved then please let us know below.

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* I am happy to be contacted in relation to the information I have provided - for example, to discuss my experiences further, to be invited to a focus group or to be informed about a survey on this topic.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and by clicking 'done' you will submit your information. Please kindly note that we do not have the capacity or expertise to respond to individal financial queries and cannot give advice and support on these issues.