UK Dairy Day 2017 Visitor Feedback

Thank you for visiting and supporting UK Dairy Day 2017, we hope you had an enjoyable event.  We welcome and value your feedback so we can make further improvements and changes to the 5th event on Wednesday 12th September 2018.  If you could spare a few moments to complete this short survey we can add your feedback into our post event review and 2018 planning.

If you have additional feedback or comments that you would like to share please email or call us on 01923 695225

Thank you

UK Dairy Day Team

* 1. Where did you travel from?

* 2. Did you watch the cattle show?

* 3. Did you attend any of the seminars?

* 4. Did you watch any of the practical demonstrations?

* 5. What changes or improvements should be considered for 2018?

* 6. Did you attend the event last year?

* 7. Overall how did you rate UK Dairy Day 2017?

* 8. Other feedback

* 9. Your details