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This is the application form for the QProjects Summer 2017 programme. Please submit it by midnight on 1st June. Interviews will take place the week commencing 12th June and the placements will begin from 19th June. 
The QProjects Summer Programme is made up of 10 roles in charities which are exclusive to QMUL students. The roles cater to a range of different skills so we encourage applicants from all disciplines and years of study. Applicants may apply for a maximum of three roles, and will be invited to do so in this application form. 
QProjects Summer is designed to be flexible around busy summer schedules, so we are offering roles with different time commitments. Some are full-time over 2 weeks, others part-time over 4 weeks, while some are 1 day a week over 12 weeks. Some charities we work with are able to be flexible and are happy to work around you, so don't hesitate to contact us on with any questions regarding timings and schedules for the role you'd like to apply for. 
Listed below is each role: please click on the link to see the Project Profile which includes all the essential information. Please read the Project Profile carefully, noting the required skills and experience.
The interview date is noted below in brackets. By applying for any role, you are confirming your availability for the interview date listed.

QProject Summer roles:
Creative Support - Communications Project Leader (Interview: 12/06/17)
Creative Support is looking for a keen marketeer and writer to help improve their online profile and communications. You'll take the lead across online and print communications in order to develop local community links whilst gaining experience in social care and the third sector. Those with excellent written and verbal communication skills are encouraged to apply. 

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust- Operations, Outreach and Communications Project Leader (Interview: 15/06/17)
This role is perfect for anybody looking for experience and a career in the arts and heritage sector. The role will include marketing and planning for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 and will therefore give you experience across a number of different areas essential for a career in this industry. Strong attention to detail and excellent communication skills are essential. 

Project Oracle - Research Project Leader (Interview: 15/06/17)
If you're passionate about working with young people, youth justice then this role will suit you. Project Oracle are looking for somebody to conduct primary qualitative research and develop the research aims of a community organisation. This is an excellent opportunity for an organised, reliable researcher to develop their skills in a fast-paced professional environment. 
Hackney Volunteers Centre - Evaluation and Impact Project Leader (14/06/17 PM)
Working directly with the Head of Volunteering, this role will allow you to gain professional research and data analysis experience whilst taking part in social action events. Perfect for critical thinkers with excellent written and analytical skills.
Hackney Volunteers Centre - Marketing Project Leader (Interview: 14/06/17)
This role is ideal for anyone looking for a career in marketing, PR and comms. It will allow you to create content for the charity's website and social media, as well as implementing a new comms strategy. If you're confident in your communication skills and consider yourself to be an excellent writer then Hackney Volunteers Centre is looking for you.

Rosetta Arts - Marketing Project leader x 2 (Interview: 14/06/2017)
This role is perfect for anybody looking to gain marketing and writing experience in the arts and heritage sectors. You'll take a lead in developing a marketing strategy for the Rosetta Arts and its exhibition space as well as working on art projects at the Olympic Park. We're particularly looking for those with excellent presentation, communication and social skills.

Phoenix Education Trust - Research Project Leader (Interview: 13/06/17)
If you are looking to build your research experience through the education sector or through working with children, then this two week placement is ideal for you. As part of this role you'll attending and evaluating a Democratic Education event. This is an opportunity for a confident communicator with excellent research skills to gain some tangible professional skills.

East End Community Foundation - Evaluation Project Leader (Interview: 13/06/17)
East End Community Foundation is looking for someone with research and evaluation skills to evaluate a number of its community projects. This is an opportunity to gain experience working with the local community and for somebody with interest in the political context of east London. You'll need to be excellent with people and creative in your research.

Stepney City Farm - Evaluation Project Leader (Interview: 12/06/17)
For those looking for a career in healthcare or research, this is an excellent opportunity to gain some professional experience working with a variety of different people. A chance to hone your evaluation and research skills, Stepney City Farm are looking for people with an interest in ageing and dementia.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Statistics Project Leader (Interview 13/06/17)
Interested in a career in finance, investment banking or data science? The Cystic Fibrosis Trust are looking for a Statistics Project Leader with experience working with data, and a knowledge of statistics. You'll need to be advanced on excel with excellent attention to detail to succeed in this role which will give you invaluable professional experience in return.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Clinical Registry Project Leader (Interview 13/06/17)
The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is looking for a confident researcher with a medical knowledge and interest to join their registry team. You'll be sitting at the centre of operations for the UK's biggest Cystic Fibrosis charity and be given the opportunity to liaise with clinical staff and hospitals on key projects. This role is ideal for those looking to gain some experience in medical research. 

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Thank you for taking the time to fill in the QProjects Summer application form. We will be in touch soon. 

We recommend that you get your application checked in Careers & Enterprise before submitting it. You can book an application check appointment by phoning Careers & Enterprise reception on 020 7882 8533 or by coming in to the careers centre.