2017 - 2018 Year 8 Unit 1 - IDENTITY

* 1. Gender

* 2. In this Unit I have learned about (select all that we learned):

* 3. For homework 2, I researched the Indian Art of Henna hand painting and drew 3 patterns using pencil. My mark for this was:

* 4. How could I have improved homework 2?

* 5. For my Identity Booklet Assessment, I gained a % of:

* 6. My favourite part of Unit 1 Introduction to Art was:

* 7. Why was this my favourite part of this unit?

* 8. Select which artists we learned about in this unit:

* 9. I would rate my progress and work in this unit as

  Excellent Good Just ok Not so good
My Decorated Initial
Hot and Cold Face
Hennie Haworth Family Tree
Dan Eldon Identity Journal
Effort and Attitude in class
Effort with Homework