General Information

Thank you for your interest in an SCI Scholarship

SCI provides an excellent opportunity for PhD students who are studying in the UK or Republic of Ireland for a PhD in chemistry, chemical engineering, biosciences, and related subjects. Scholarships are awarded to support the final two funded years of a student’s PhD. Applications are accepted from students in the year prior to their final two funded years (e.g. last two years of funded research). Self-funded students may also apply.

SCI Scholarships are prestigious and competitive awards, which are highly prized and well-respected by industry and academia. Our Scholarships attract outstanding and high calibre students. For successful applicants, recognition as an SCI Scholar can be an important addition to their CV.

The deadline to submit completed applications, including two reference letters, is 30 April. 

Up to three scholarships are awarded each year, courtesy of the Messel and Gray Trusts offering a grant of £5000 over two years. The Messel Trust Fund was endowed by a bequest of Rudolf Messel (1848-1920), a founding member and President of SCI. The Gray Trust Fund was endowed by a bequest from John Gray.

Applicants are required to be standard or student members of SCI in order for their application to be valid (please note that SCI Scholarships are not available to SCI e-members or non-members).

Alongside the benefits offered by SCI membership, the Scholarship offers:
  • A grant of £5000 over 2 years (subject to approval of continuation by SCI Early Career Committee for year two funding, and subject to continued SCI membership)
  • Access to the SCI network, where scholars can meet potential employers and mentors
  • Opportunities for scholars to publish and present their research
  • Participation in regional and technical groups according to the scholar's interests
  • Invitations to events tailored towards the needs of early career members and SCI Scholars

More details about the benefits of SCI membership can be found here.