August 2018

Speldhurst Post Office and Stores is for sale.

Special thanks are due to Anu for the great job she and her team have done over 6 years in providing this important community amenity to the Village.

In the event that no buyer is found, the Post Office and Store will most likely close.

One option to avoid that may be to run it as a Community Post Office and Store. 

Based on preliminary advice from the Plunkett Foundation charity, who have advised many of the c. 300 community shops in operation in the UK, a residents and customer survey is an essential first step, to bring the issue to the attention of villagers and customers and to confirm what level of support exists for a Post Office and Store in the Village.

Please only submit one survey per household.

At this stage there is no formal organisation in place to take this project forward. If the survey evidences sufficient demand, and no buyer emerges for the Post Office and Stores, we will need to get organised. If you are interested in becoming involved in such a project, the survey allows you to indicate that.

It is the intention to publish the results of the survey and if appropriate organise a community meeting.

Do you know someone in the Village or nearby who wants to complete the survey online (preferred) but hasn't received an invitation? Here's the link they need :

Do you know someone that would prefer to receive and complete this survey on paper? Let us know (contact details below) and we will either email or hand deliver a copy. But responding online is preferred if possible......

Completed paper copies of the survey should be returned to
Kent Cottage, Barden Road, Speldhurst, TN3 0LE
(opposite the junction of Furzefield Avenue and Barden Road)

If having completed the survey, you have questions or comments that you would like to provide separately you can contact any of :-

Edward Pinnell   Tel 863300
Abi Dawson    Tel 860616
Emma McKibben   Tel 863392

Click on the OK button below to start the survey which should take less than 5 minutes. THANK YOU!

Question Title

* 1. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = very important, 5 = not very important) how important do you think it is for Speldhurst to have a Post Office and Stores?

Question Title

* 2. How often does your household use the Post Office and Stores?

Question Title

* 3. What products do you or your household typically buy, or would you buy if it was stocked, at the Post Office and Store?

Question Title

* 4. What services do you or your household typically use, or would you use if offered,  at the Post Office and Store?

Question Title

* 5. Our household would use the Post Office and Stores more if it (select the most relevant answer for your household) :-

Question Title

* 6. At what time or times of day is your household most likely to use either of the Post Office and Stores? (You can select up to TWO time periods if you wish)

Question Title

* 7. Please state which of the age groups below are represented in your household.

Question Title

* 8. Would you or anyone in your household be willing to actively participate in a Community Shop project in any of the following ways? You can select more than one answer.

Question Title

* 9. If you have answered positively to any part of question 8, it would be useful if your could provide your contact details. Your details will be treated confidentially and will not be used for any purpose other than a Speldhurst Community Shop project.