Strategic Priorities for B2B Customer Management

This prioritisation exercise will help you think through for your business what should be the key defining characteristics of your customer strategy.

* 1. Name

* 2. e-mail address (if you'd like us to get in touch)

* 3. Job Title

* 4. Organisation 

* 7. In which country are you based?

* 8. The following table contains 12 “desired states” of customer management (CM) that could describe a B2B company. We would like you to rank them for their importance to your company. They are ALL important, but you can’t prioritise everything!

You can either rank by selecting a number from 1-12 in the drop down menu or drag each 'desired state' into the correct position in the list.

* 9. For the aspect that you ranked as TOP priority, please can you explain in a couple of sentences WHY it is crucial for your business’ success?