Valentines Day is just around the corner!

It's that time of the year again! Cupid is on his way, roses are in bloom and sales of cute cuddly toys are through the roof. Do you think its the most romantic time of the year? Or would you rather lock yourself in bunker, stick your fingers in your ears and wait until this all blows over?  Well this Valentines Day, do something different!
Say no to the candlelit dinners at Chez Fancy! Don't third wheel it with your loved up mushy mates!  Tell Cupid to buzz off!
Here at Eventim we've handpicked some shows just for you! So complete the quiz below to find your perfect way to to spend Valentines Day!

* 1.
Now first of all, this Valentine's Day are you...

* 2.

So, let gets an idea of how you feel about V-Day...
What do you think of this gif?

* 3.
And this?

* 4.
Okay, interesting...
Now pick a phrase that would describe your perfect Valentine.

* 5.
Now choose a chat up line that you might use...

* 6.
Just out of interest, what did you do on V-Day last year?

* 7.
Now what is your drink of choice?

* 8.

And finally...
Hypothetically, you've just been on a date. How long do you wait to talk to call/text them?

 Well that is below to find out what's the perfect way to spend your Valentines Day!