ISISCC - Season In Review 2017

We would welcome and value your feedback on the way Isis C.C. is run and encourage you to let us know if you recommend any changes. The questions below seek to elicit your thoughts on some key topic areas, please use the last question to comment on anything else to do with the club. Please be as open, objective and honest as possible, and your thoughts will be taken in confidence and duly considered by the new committee as it prepares for the 2018 season

* 1. Isis C.C. played 43 out of 52 arranged fixtures in 2017.  In your opinion is this

* 2. Do you think 2017 match fees of £6 (weekend) and £4 (midweek) and membership fees of £30 are:

* 3. What do you think about the selection process?  Were you offered enough chances to play?

* 4. Remembering all of the games in 2017 or in the past, are you happy with the distances we travel for away games? Are there any fixtures that you specifically avoid, and why?

* 5.  Do you think the club kit is enough and of the right quality?

* 6. If a tour is arranged, would you be keen to go?  If so, for how many nights away; one or two?

* 7.  What do you think about the club’s social nights?  How would you rate your interest on a scale of 1 to 5 

* 8. Do you visit the club website at Do you use the site occasionally or frequently? 

* 9.   Communication from the officers of the club is normally via email.  What comments would you like to make about the relevance, frequency or style of such communication?

* 10. Please share any other comments or recommendations for change you may have about the club