Spectrum Cultural Hub, based in Seaham are looking into expanding the current artist studio spaces to include a photography department with darkrooms and studio spaces. We are currently research the project idea and how we can best be of use to the photography community. 

* 1. How would you describe you rate your current skill level with photography, 5 as professional. 

* 2. Would you  be likely to use a community darkroom and how often?

* 3. Do you currently have any darkroom experience? and if so would you be willing to conduct workshops for others from the darkrooms?

* 4. Do you currently have regular assess to a photography darkroom?

* 5. How long would you want to have assess to the Darkroom for for one session?

* 6. How much would you expect to pay per hour for assess to the darkroom?

* 7. Would you be happy to provide your own paper for the darkroom? or would an additional fee for assess to paper be better?

* 8. Would you attend a photography workshop in the darkroom? and what kind of workshop would you benefit from ?

* 9. Would your practice be improved by assess to the darkroom and why?

* 10. Do you feel access to a darkroom would improve the photography community and open up networking opportunities and how