Generations of artists, writers and sightseers have been inspired by its windswept fells, dramatic peaks and breathtaking waterside views. It may have inspired you to push your own physical boundaries, to find tranquility in its peaceful surroundings, or perhaps simply to enjoy more time with your family.

Yet if you could peer behind the serene beauty of the Lake District you would see the names of countless people etched into the landscape. People who left a gift in their Will so we can rebuild damaged stone walls, restore footpaths eroded by millions of walking boots and maintain historic farms and buildings. Their gifts also help us to preserve the natural habitat of threatened native species like the red squirrel.

Protecting this ever-changing landscape relies heavily on these gifts, and anything from £100 to £100,000 makes a difference. As a charity, gifts in Wills are vital to our work and so to understand who is considering these gifts, and why, we would greatly appreciate your views.

If you could find the time to fill in our confidential survey it will help us inspire even more people to give in this way and ensure that the beauty of the Lakes outlives us all. To find out more please visit