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* 1. One Pagers

The objective is to define a series of 1 pager documents to describe key aspects of cloud, cloud security and related topics.  Since it is only a page, it will not be an in-depth study.  Rather, it will provide an overview and links to find more details, as well as give the CSA UK topic areas for more detailed research.  Think of them as a handy guide.
Example topics might include:

a. Cloud Strategies 
b. On-prem to cloud migration
c. Access controls

What topics would you want to see?

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* 2. Detailed Research. 

We are looking for topics and authors / co-authors to promote discussion and awareness. These papers would be
accompanied by conference calls to the wider CSA audience, and be published by CSA UK. This would be a good opportunity
for individuals to get their names known in the wider industry, and have published papers to their name.  Examples might include:

a. Access control, Roles and permissions
b. Cloud identities and multi cloud

So where would you like to see Detailed Research? Please also indicate if you are interested in authoring.

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* 3. Approaches, methodologies and/or guidance.
For example, which does your organisation use / find the most useful? Please select all that apply

Further Reading:

You might like to refer to the following report published by CSA at the start of 2018: 
Top Threats to Cloud Computing Plus: Industry Insights

Thank you, the CSA UK Board