Welcome to My Survey

Hello my name is Robyn Steward, I am Autistic, I am going to be writing a book for autistic people about periods (also known as menstruation but I will be using the term 'periods'). I am looking for both non autistic people and autistic people willing to fill out a survey which will help guide my writing. (I am asking non autistic people too as they have have information which can be of use to autistic people). I am also interested to hear from parents and what your concerns are. 
There are some comment boxes  in this survey, if you choose to fill these out they may be quoted, but your name will not be used. All the information you provide in this survey is anonymous and all the questions are completely optional. 

I would like to publish an academic paper to tell professionals about people's experiences of periods, so that they are less likely to jump to conclusions. Any information I use for this paper would be anonymous. 

If any of the above information is not clear or you would like a copy of the results when they have been written up, please email:

By clicking continue, you agree to me using the anonymous information you provide in my book and any academic publications or presentations. 

You can decide to stop the Survey at any point, without giving a reason. If you withdraw from the Survey, I will not use your data for my project
This survey has been approved  by  UCL Institute of Education’s Research Ethics Committee (REC 874 )