Now is a crucial time for the housing sector. Our housing crisis is as severe as it has ever been, the Grenfell Tower tragedy has thrust social housing into the spotlight and the government’s position on housing and its approach to the social housing sector in particular, has changed significantly in recent months. But what is the role and purpose of social housing today? What do people think social housing should be? What is the real value of social housing to society? How can providers make sure their work is relevant and responsive to the peoples’ housing needs? And how can government support social housing to maximise its potential to provide many of the solutions to our housing crisis?

These and other fundamental questions lie at the heart of CIH’s Rethinking social housing project.

We want to stimulate a national debate, the rethinking project focuses on England however Scotland, Wales  and Northern Ireland are planning similar projects. We have developed a toolkit to enable people to organise and run local discussion workshops which you can access here. We also want people to get involved by completing this survey. If you live in, work in or just have an interest in social housing, we’re keen to hear you views on what it is, its value and who should live in it.

Please answer the following specific questions about social housing - there is space at the end for you to tell us anything else you wish to.