Self Build Registration Form

You can update your registration or contact details at any time, and should do so immediately if you move or change email address.

* 1. Information required if you are applying as an individual or single household for a single building plot:

* 2. Information required if you are applying as part of an association or collective:

Additional information

The following section is optional but will assist us to better understand where and what form of self and custom build provision would best meet expressed demand.

* 3. What area(s) would you consider for a building plot? Select all that apply:

* 4. What type of home do you want

* 5. What is your preferred number of bedrooms?

* 6. What is your preferred plot size?

* 7. Would you consider a self-build plot as part of a larger development?

How we will use your information

The information you have supplied will be used in order to create and maintain a register of individuals and associations who have shown an interest in self-build opportunities.

Personal data will be held securely and will not be used for any purposes other than as described above, nor will it be supplied to anyone outside the New Forest National Park Authority without first obtaining your consent (unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it).

By completing this form you agree to your details being kept on record and used for the purposes of understanding the demand for self-build opportunities. We may also use your personal details to contact you about self-build opportunities within the National Park.

More details on how we hold personal information can be found at: Should you require any further information about how your details will be used or stored and/or would like to access any information we hold about you, please contact the NPA’s Information & Data Protection Officer on