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Thank you for testing the TDR Global Competency Framework for Clinical Research. Please provide your feedback on the framework, so that it can be improved and validated. Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!

We may use the responses from these questionnaires in reports and publications of the framework evaluation, but all responses will be anonymised. 

Later, we may invite some individuals to collaborate on a closer evaluation of the framework. This may involve interviews to better understand your experience of using the framework; or some more systematic and guided use of the framework, to assess its effectiveness in supporting individuals through various aspects of the clinical research process. If you're interested in being further involved, please leave your contact details at the end of the form. 

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* 1. What did you use the framework for? Please tick all that apply to your experience.

Question Title

* 2. Did you use the online version of the framework, or the downloadable pdf file?