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For more information about our proposals, please refer to our consultation brochure ‘Making it easier to access urgent care in Wirral’ or visit our website 
What is Urgent Care?
This consultation is about urgent care. This means illnesses or injuries that are not life threatening but where you need an urgent clinical opinion (within 24 hours).
What we know
We previously surveyed local residents, and one of the main things we discovered was that some people were confused about where to go to get help with urgent care in Wirral. Because of this some people go straight to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department, or because they can’t get an appointment anywhere else. A&E isn’t always the right place and we want to make it easier for you to make the right choice when you need help.These are the things that will be different.
Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)
We will have an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) in Wirral which is a national requirement. It will provide a higher and more consistent level of clinical service than the current Walk-in Centres and Minor Injuries/Illness Units. The UTC will be led by GPs and it is our intention to locate the UTC for Wirral on the Arrowe Park Hospital site by developing the existing Walk-in Centre located next to the A&E department.
Why have the UTC at the Arrowe Park site?
We have looked at whether other places in Wirral including Walk-in Centres and Minor Injuries/Illness Units could run the UTC. Whilst they could deliver these services with some development work, we do not believe that they offer the same benefits to patients. The biggest benefit of having the UTC at Arrowe Park is that it will be next door to the A&E department. This means that if anyone’s needs are more serious they can be moved straight away to the A&E department.
A new local offer
It was important for us to understand how people use services when they need help urgently. Most people will contact their own GP practice, although we know that they cannot always get an urgent appointment. We have also looked at why and how people use Walk in Centres and Minor Injury/Illness Units. This has told us that the most people using these services are receiving help with dressings (wound care) and parents seeking help when their child is unwell.
To make it easier to know where to go when you are ill or have an injury that cannot wait we are thinking about making some changes to help you make the right choice. We are proposing that as well as to your usual GP service and getting in touch with NHS 111, we also offer the following services in your local area:

-  More urgent GP or nurse appointments – (7 days a week, 8am-8pm)
- Access to same day urgent care for children (0-19yrs) - walk in also available
- Access to bookable dressings (wound care) appointments
If we make these changes we would no longer have the current walk-in facilities at our existing Walk-in Centres and Minor Injuries/Illness Units. We would have the Urgent Treatment Centre at Arrowe Park Hospital which would provide a walk-in service and urgent appointments with a local GP or nurse, as well as the local services we are proposing. Everybody that needs urgent care would still get it. 

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