Survey Details

This survey has been created by Dr Jenny Crane, who is one of seven historians working on a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award, 'The Cultural History of the NHS', at the University of Warwick.  Our project seeks to understand the feelings, meanings and representations attached to this key British institution, and to respond to Nigel Lawson's striking observation that the NHS is 'the closest thing the English have to a national religion.'  You can learn more about the project at our website.
My research interests are in the history of activism, and I am analysing how campaign groups have praised, criticised, used and shaped the NHS throughout time.  I'm also interested in the relationship between individual feelings - for example of love for the NHS - and political action.  As part of this, I have created this survey for NHS campaigners, to help me better understand the work of individuals and groups within this movement.
It is important that you know how your information may be used.  All information submitted will help me to further understand the place of the NHS in British life.  By sending me your contributions, you are consenting to allow me to use them for educational, academic, and research purposes, for example, to be published in books, articles and other formats such as on blogs and in newspaper articles. You are free to send as much or as little information as you wish, and do not have to offer your name, nor any personal information, if you don't want to.

If you have any questions about the project, or how your information may be used, please feel free to email me at and I will try to answer your questions.