1. Welcome and introduction

We'd like to welcome you to our first virtual annual conference! 
This conference is the most easily-accessible event ever as we want to make sure everyone can take part in the discussion on key issues we have campaigned on throughout the year. 

We have chosen the theme as remaining hopeful as even though all across the globe this year, people have faced challenges beyond anything in our lifetime, the resilience of many, including all young people of Reading, has shone through. It's important to look at ways to remain positive and hopeful in the year ahead.

There are four sessions (pages) in this event for you to join in with:
1. Introduction 
2. Environment workshop
3. Mental health workshop
4. Summary 
Each session includes videos and some reading, with a few simple questions to answer.
It should take around 60-90 minutes. Or you can do it in stages as you have over four weeks to complete it - it's open until 31 March.
By completing all sections (and filling in your name at the end) you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a fantastic prize!
Also, if you get your school friends to take part too, you could help your school to potentially win a prize - the school with the most participants will win an activity day later in the year!
Sound good? What are you waiting for...
Please start the event by watching this introduction video from Sasha and then answer question 1.

Question Title

* 1. Thanks for watching this introduction video. What did Sasha share about her experiences from being on the Youth Council?

Question Title

* 2. Here is our keynote speaker, Deborah Glassbrook, Executive Director of Children's Services at Brighter Futures for Children.

Please watch this short video and then answer the question below, selecting the two famous people Deborah mentions in the video.

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