This Food Charter is for you to pledge support for Middlesbrough to have quality healthy local food that doesn't cost the earth. 

We want to make our town a place where local people can eat good quality, healthy foof that is easy to buy and offers value for money. We also want this food to be sourced and produced locally wherever possible and reduce and recycle as much of the food waste and packaging as we can.

The choices that we all make about food have far reaching consequences on health, the environment and the prosperity of Middlesbrough. Good food is vital for a good quality of life and long term well-being. The Middlesbrough Food Partnership wants to help local people and businesses make good choices about food and has produced a Food Action Plan can be found at
This outlines Middlesbrough food plus for the future.

Please join us and others like you by showing your support and signing this charter. you will be helping to ensure that food is treated as a valuable source

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By signing this charter you pledge to
  • procure more sustainable, local and responsibly sourced food
  • serve healthy, seasonal and responsibly sourced food
  • reduce and recycle food waste or dispose of it responsibly
  • try to buy food that doesn’t have lots of packaging and recycle any packaging that you can
  • buy Fairtrade food
  • encourage and support your customers and employees to do as many of the points below as they can

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Show your support by trying to
  • eat a healthier diet that is low in salt, sugar and fat
  • eat less meat and more fresh vegetables and fruit
  • not cook more than you need and re-use leftover food
  • buy food that has less packaging and recycle as much packaging as you can
  • buy food that is produced locally to Middlesbrough – find local food at
  • buy Fairtrade items
  • use local independent shops
  • grow some of your own food
  • ask your employer, school or local community organisation to support the work of the Food Partnership and sign up to the Food Charter too
There is a range of support available to help individuals and businesses to achieve these pledges. More information can be found at or by calling Middlesbrough Environment City on 01642 579820 or emailing us at

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Collection and use of personal data

Middlesbrough Environment City takes the collection and use of your personal data seriously. The information you have provided will be collected by MEC and stored securely in paper or electronic format. It will not be given to any third party in a form that identifies you. The person responsible for data management is the Director of MEC.

We are collecting this data so that we can demonstrate support for the Food Charter. We would also like to inform you about further food related events and activities. This will be by email only using the address you have provided and only if you give consent below. We will not contact you by post, telephone or text unless you ask us to.

We will hold the data you provide for up to three years for audit purposes and to give you additional information about food projects. At any time, you can request that your data is securely destroyed by contacting us in writing or by email.

Published by Middlesbrough Food Partnership,
c/o Middlesbrough Environment City, Sandy Flatts Lane, Middlesbrough TS5 7YN
Registered Charity 1070131