* 1. Tell us your name and email

* 2. What sound related events coming up during the next 12-18 months?

* 3. What influences that you have drawn on?

* 4. What current activities that you are undertaking or that you are contemplating and would welcome collaboration or advice on?

* 5. What future themes for Salon discussions e.g. more technical advice, composition etc.

* 6. Would you like to have a 'scratch night' type of event in which participants get to present work and have it critiqued by Salon attendees? If so what form should it take

* 7. Would you like to have a more public event in which we have presentations from a handful of participants to a public audience? If so what form should it take

* 8. How much of an appetite do you have for devising a soundwalk festival?

* 9. Are you happy for us to add you to the Museum of Walking mailing list - we send e-bulletins once every two weeks, that include Sound Salon updates.